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Kristin Dovbniak is a holistic nutritionist, certified Intuitive Eating Counselor, certified pre-and-post natal health coach, trained chef and mama of two helping women stress less ... moreabout food so they can enjoy life more. She works both in-person and online to help women and families find their balance in simplifying nutrition to make healthy living easy and stress-free. You can find her at, on social media @healthymamakris. Contact her at
I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and I have a private health coaching practice where I help women who have gained weight after having kids learn how to finally ... morelose the weight. I do this by taking them through my 4 Step Natural Weight Loss Method, so they can feel great without dieting or deprivation.

My program is perfect for you if you are looking for a natural way to release excess weight without counting calories or points, and want to experience the freedom of living a healthy life without following a restrictive diet. 

In my program you will...

Get clarity on what foods nourish your body and support weight loss

Gain confidence as you learn how to plan healthy meals that will leave you full and satisfied

Learn how to make better food choices at the grocery store and how to cook those foods to optimize their benefits

Discover any hiden food sensitivies that have been holding you back from losing weight

Address any non-food related issues that have been slowing down your metabolism, like low activity or poor sleep, and experience and increase in fat burning potential and an increase in energy

How it works...

This program is very personal and we will work closely together, one-on-one, as you lose weight. For 3 months we'll speak 3 times a month for 45 minutes. If you sign up for my VIP program, you will get an additional 3 sessions in months 4 and 5 to help you transition into living this new lifestyle on your own. My VIP program also includes:

A pantry clean out where together we will go through your pantry and clean out food items that don't support weight loss

A cooking lesson to learn to easily prepare delicous foods that will support your weight loss

Unlimited texting and email between sessions so you never feel stuck and have support whenever you need it

All sessions are conducted over the phone or via zoom meetings so we can work together no matter where you live or what your schedule is like.

To contact me check out my website:
Send me an email:
Or follow along with my personal health journey on instagram:
As a competitive athlete, being part of a team has shaped who I am today. I love every aspect of working together and being held accountable to perform, achieve, and succeed. I am ... morehonored to motivate and empower thousands of individuals and groups to reach goals they never thought possible, using an approach stemming from my own personal growth and development throughout my athletic and professional career.

Over the last 12 years, I have been diligently seeking out ground breaking knowledge to create a coaching formula to guide clients of all ages and abilities to see the bigger picture, carve out time for themselves, and develop strategies that work for them. I take a holistic approach to fitness based on my background in integrative nutrition, yoga, functional movement and personal training.

I believe that your workouts, when done with proper breathe work, movement and lots of love, translate to your success in everyday life. After years of teaching various formats, I have developed a Breathe.Move.Love concept which transcends into all of my classes especially those focused on prenatal and postpartum fitness and health.
Welcome Having evolved over thousands of years, acupuncture is one of the oldest continually practiced medical modalities in the world. A treatment involves the insertion and manipulation ... moreof flexible, hair-thin needles at specific points along the body that have been found to:

increase blood flow

reduce inflammation

release endorphins

influence the endocrine, adrenal, limbic and nervous systems

Acupuncture is a safe, effective, chemical-free way to promote the body's remarkable self-healing abilities. It is used to prevent and treat disease, relieve pain, balance mood, enhance athletic performance, increase fertility, and improve overall health and wellness.

Dr. Sonja Marge-Barrows specializes in individualized private treatments to address your unique health needs.
We are a growing collaborative of individual providers with different specialties who together provide a continuum of support across the perinatal spectrum (prenatal, including infertility ... moresupport, to postnatal and beyond).

Our providers consist of midwives, doulas, mental health counselors, perinatal music therapists, and wellness specialists.

Our mission is to provide global support services for mothers, their partners, and families, with a strong focus on the physical/mental health of women related to their perinatal experience.

We are committed to bringing awareness to the physical/mental/ emotional health needs of these women and making our support services more accessible to those in the South Shore community.

​Although comprised of individual providers, we work together as a collaborative to create a central resource where mothers and families can find the type of support and care they need at any given moment in their perinatal journey.
Are you struggling with any of the following challenges: * Chronic dieting * Stubborn weight * Low energy * Digestive issues * Stress... more

* Cravings

* ... much more

I'm a Health Coach and I help people make naturally better choices for themselves around food, stress management, exercise/movement, sleep, relationships, and career so that you can feel better and accomplish your goals.
Nutritional Therapy & Wellness Coaching I believe that when we feel our best we are able to give our all and live to our full potential. My motto is “Feel well to love well”. ... more

At The Nourished Mom we start with Nutrition, but true health encompasses more that what we eat. Your spiritual health, emotions and lifestyle all influence your physical health. I give you the necessary tools to nourish all aspects of yourself - body, spirit and mind. We will work through stress, negative mindsets, habits and challenges to ensure your health changes are sustainable.
Danielle Shea Tan, MS, CNS is a Licensed and Nationally Certified Functional Nutritionist and the author of 52 Small Changes for the Family. In her private virtual nutrition practice, ... moreDanielle serves women and families from preconception to childhood with a range of nutritionally related health challenges and conditions. She takes a personalized approach using food, nutrients, herbs and lifestyle to address digestive issues, pregnancy/postpartum concerns, skin disorders, thyroid/autoimmune conditions and more. Learn more about her approach at
The Loved Child (TLC) is committed to the well-being of all children and the adults who care for them, providing expert support and education to expecting families and those with infants, ... morebabies, toddlers, preschoolers, young children and teens.

TLC offers the following expert-facilitated programming:

Online Prenatal Classes for Expecting and New Parents
Individual Consultations for Families
Online Parent Workshops (for parents of children from pregnancy – adolescence)
Expert Developmental & Parenting Consultation to Childcare & Preschool Programs and Pediatric Practices
Corporate Parent Wellness Workshops (e.g. Lunch-and-Learns, evening seminars, & Parent Support Groups)
We offer meal prepping services perfect for busy Moms-to-be or new Moms! We know you don't have time to cook, nor do you want to! Let a knowledgeable chef come in to cook nourishing ... moremeals tailored to your likes/dislikes. We also offer cooking classes and special event services as well. Visit our Services Tab on our website for more information!
about I’m julia collins, I seek to inspire, guide, and motivate people to be the happiest + healthiest versions of themselves through hands-on therapy, nutritional counseling, brain ... morerepatterning, and sacred movement. All of these powerful practices help us to remove the barriers that we have built against LOVE. 

I am the owner of The Zen Den, a holistic wellness practice in Newport, RI with a sweet and cozy feel. My mission is to encourage you to create exactly what you want, experience to the fullest, and expand your life to suit your specific desires.

I am honored to witness deep healing as my work. This style of work has changed my perspective on what is necessary to live a full and happy life; a life without restraint.

I am here for you. Let’s look into those tense tissues and restless minds to seek deep peace and comfort, in all of our bodies - spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical. I will hold you accountable as you shift, as you enact deep and lasting changes in your life.

offerings polarity therapy cranio-sacral therapy yoga
I can help you to move from a space of deep trust and give you confidence to take responsibility for your health.
I will guide you through any darkness with Truth and Kindness. 

Let’s get to work.
About Us: Nutritious Gifts LLC is female-owned and operated by Rebecca Stib, a Registered Dietitian. As a Registered Dietitian with knowledge about the power of healthy eating, I wanted ... moreto offer breastfeeding and pumping moms a food gift box filled with healthy, nutritious foods known to support milk supply. Instead of receiving lactation cookies or lactation tea, choose from a variety of foods that all support lactation.

I partner with local vendors (New England Area) and small businesses to provide you high quality, healthy, and nutritious foods.

Please visit us at and order your breastfeeding box online today!

Questions? Email me at
Hello! I am a Registered Nurse and Nationally Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach. I also have my Master's Degree in Nutrition for Health and Human Performance. I believe integrative ... morenutrition, movement and stress management are the keys to lifelong health and well-being. My passion is coaching women, specifically those in the perinatal time of their life, to become the healthiest version of themselves. Research has demonstrated time and time again, that a healthy mom leads to a healthy baby with consequences lasting a lifetime. I would love to be your coach along this beautiful journey. Contact me to schedule a complimentary call to briefly discuss my services, your overall goals, and how we can work together to optimize your perinatal health.
I partner with families to use food, herbs, nutrients and lifestyle to address chronic health challenges including gestational diabetes, constipation, reflux, eczema, food allergies, ... morefood sensitivities, thyroid, anemia and more. My focus is working with pregnant women and children from infancy to preschool. I hope to support you! Please don't hesitate to email me or contact me for questions or inquiries.