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I am a certified Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, and I have a private health coaching practice where I help women who have gained weight after having kids learn how to finally lose the weight. I do this by taking them through my 4 Step Natural Weight Loss Method, so they can feel great without dieting or deprivation.

My program is perfect for you if you are looking for a natural way to release excess weight without counting calories or points, and want to experience the freedom of living a healthy life without following a restrictive diet. 

In my program you will...
  • Get clarity on what foods nourish your body and support weight loss
  • Gain confidence as you learn how to plan healthy meals that will leave you full and satisfied
  • Learn how to make better food choices at the grocery store and how to cook those foods to optimize their benefits
  • Discover any hiden food sensitivies that have been holding you back from losing weight
  • Address any non-food related issues that have been slowing down your metabolism, like low activity or poor sleep, and experience and increase in fat burning potential and an increase in energy

How it works...

This program is very personal and we will work closely together, one-on-one, as you lose weight. For 3 months we'll speak 3 times a month for 45 minutes. If you sign up for my VIP program, you will get an additional 3 sessions in months 4 and 5 to help you transition into living this new lifestyle on your own. My VIP program also includes:
  • A pantry clean out where together we will go through your pantry and clean out food items that don't support weight loss
  • A cooking lesson to learn to easily prepare delicous foods that will support your weight loss
  • Unlimited texting and email between sessions so you never feel stuck and have support whenever you need it
All sessions are conducted over the phone or via zoom meetings so we can work together no matter where you live or what your schedule is like.

To contact me check out my website:
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