Danielle Shea Tan, Licensed and Certified Functional Family Nutritionist

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Nutritionist, Childbirth/Parenting Educator, Wellness
Danielle Shea Tan, MS, CNS is a Licensed and Nationally Certified Functional Nutritionist and the author of 52 Small Changes for the Family. In her private virtual nutrition practice, Danielle serves women and families from preconception to childhood with a range of nutritionally related health challenges and conditions. She takes a personalized approach using food, nutrients, herbs and lifestyle to address digestive issues, pregnancy/postpartum concerns, skin disorders, thyroid/autoimmune conditions and more. Learn more about her approach at www.healthymamas.com
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During this time we are all called upon to dig deep, reaffirm our commitment to self health and redefine our strategies to maintain health. This is particularly important for pregnant ... moreand new moms.This 8-week program will enable you to harness the power of your inner strength and resiliency to transition to motherhood at your best while developing a community of support with other local women having babies.

Your Women's Health Specialist Leaders: 

Darcie Pervier, MSPT, PES, Newburyport Wellness, LLC
Zoe Culbertson, Licensed Acupuncturist, Seaside Family Acupuncture
Rachel Simpson, IBCLC and Infant Feeding Specialist, Simpson Lactation Services
Danielle Shea Tan, MS, CNS, CHHC - Healthy Mamas for Happy Families
Program Overview and Content:

Each week will consist of a live zoom meeting with our community. We will discuss educational content provided by one of several maternal health specialists followed by a live Q & A session. Sessions will be recorded and available to you for 9 months. You will also be invited into a closed FB group to connect, further the discussion, ask any other questions you might have and access to handouts and recorded content from other expert practitioners. This is a great program for pregnant women of all stages and newly postpartum moms! Topics will include:

How to prepare for motherhood in a time of social distancing

Understanding your rights and responsibilities as a patient 

The value of nutritional & herbal support through pregnancy and postpartum to nourish your baby and replenish your own body

Acupressure & Nutrition to curb nausea, reflux, constipation and other common issues of pregnancy

Strategies to manage back pain, pelvic pain, leg swelling and more

Empowering yourself through early education for successful breastfeeding and resolving current breastfeeding issues

Recovering from pregnancy- harnessing the power of nutrition, proper physical activity, and mindfulness
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Birthing / Parenting Class, Support Group, Nutrition / Wellness
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