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Yoga Dear Yoga Therapy is a welcoming, encouraging approach to healing, offering grounded guidance in yoga, somatic movement, and yoga philosophy with a particular emphasis on supporting women. Here, I share stories, knowledge, and create experiences that are down-to-earth with a healthy dose of laughter.

My greatest hope? That everyone who winds up here experiences a sense of feeling seen, heard, and like they truly matter—because they do.  I’m here for anyone who needs regular reminder that You are enough. You already whole. That there’s nothing “wrong” with you.

I believe that practicing yoga is a way of practicing life.  I know that each time we step onto the mat, whether it’s the first time or the thousandth, we’re learning about how to both push our limits and respect our boundaries. We’re balancing patience and determination and developing connection, while making space for stillness.

As we interact, I invite you to explore possibilities that you didn’t know were available. As a result, you might discover that you have a calmer mind and a calmer life. You might find that courage on the mat leads to courage off the mat. You just might find yourself not judging, analyzing, or comparing. I hope you find yourself more connected to the person you’ve always been.
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