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My name is Kerri Grace and I am the owner of Grace Fitness and Nutrition. I specialize in working with women to keep doing their fitness/exercise of choice through pregnancy, postpartum, and pelvic floor dysfunction/considerations.

  • I work with pregnant women to stay in the gym doing what they love, while also doing what’s best for their pelvic floor to still be CrossFitting in 20 years, sustaining performance and function.
  • I work with postpartum women to get back into exercise at a pace that is best for them individually, building the strongest foundation they’ve ever had while considering the healing pelvic floor and core systems.
  • I work with women that have diastasis recti, POP, and incontinence to get back to the movements they love to do - symptom and pain-free - bridging the gap between pelvic floor physical therapy and more intense exercise.

I have been a CrossFit Coach since 2012, eventually making it my full-time career. When I got pregnant in 2015 I was a full-time head coach and found myself feeling lost and alone in my training even though I had trained pregnant women before. After I had my son I found myself in a lot of pain in my abdominals that professionals were telling me nothing was wrong my abs were just weak. I knew something else was wrong and eventually found Brianna Battles, her PPA Course and found a PFPT. I have diastasis recti and an umbilical hernia.

It's become my mission to never let another women feel so lost training throughout pregnancy and postpartum or telling themselves "I wish I would have known" like I have said so many times. I also work with women with any pelvic floor considerations that have, or have not, ever been pregnant.
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