The Coggeshall Club

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Fitness Studio, Yoga Studio, Wellness
Britt R
Childcare, CoWorking and Fitness under one roof.

Optimizing your time for more quality moments.

Because we know “parent” is only part of your job description


WHETHER IT'S FOR A FEW HOURS OR FULL DAYS, We will engage and nurture your kiddos while you do you, whether that means work, workout, do errands or simply snooze.

Our child development program has a Reggio Emilia based philosophy which is supported by our play based Montessori style program.

We feel strongly that the most important focus for any caregivers on our staff is to nurture the development of each individual infant or toddler, helping to instill confidence in these budding minds as they begin to interact with their ever expanding world.

We offer an always evolving, engaging set of creative learning opportunities, offering various activities which will naturally inspire our kiddos minds. We are a play based program who is also a fully licensed child care center. Our team works hard to build lesson plans which are well rounded and include a healthy mix of the Rhode Island Early Learning Standards. This is in order to ensure that while the kids will build their confidence and their character in our nurturing, play based program - they will also have the tools they need to thrive once they enter their school age years.
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