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I fell in love with massage therapy at a young age when my parents used to help me feel better using massage for growing pains. After attending Finger Lakes School of Massage she also became interested in Aromatherapy.

In 2014 I became a mother and used massage to help my daughter sleep and for another way to bond. I also breastfed until her daughter was nearly two, though it was a very difficult and frustrating journey in the beginning. In 2016 I was blessed with another daughter who also breastfed for two years. During this journey, I realized that it wasn't an easy one and wanted to help others with their journies. In December 2018 I had a son. He had a severe lip and posterior tongue tie requiring them to be released so he could nurse properly.

Motherhood inspired me to add a certification for teaching parents how to massage their babies. I am a certified instructor with the International Association of Infant Massage (IAIM). These classes are taught in sessions. There are 5 weeks to each session.

My own issues with breastfeeding also led me to become a certified lactation counselor (CLC) in order to help other parents avoid or at least understand the issues they come across.

I also felt that women are often left out of care. We are not treated as a whole person, but as incubators, and are expected to jump up after childbirth and get right back into our old lives. So I got training for prenatal massage.

Rhode Island Prenatal Massage works with anyone who needs or wants a massage but specializes in women. Our mission is to support every woman before, during and after pregnancy with our services and resources.
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