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I'm a postpartum doula, yoga instructor, and most importantly, the mother of a six-year old boy and four-year old girl (born 20 months apart). I previously served as a licensed social worker supporting special needs children and families.


I've always been called to serve the emotional and physical well-being of others, with a special focus on the mind-body connection. After the birth of my first child, a wise older mamma described postpartum to me as a period when “mothers need to be mothered." My own postpartum experiences informed my interest and curiosity about the fourth trimester in our culture. I had so many questions about how to navigate this tender period and was curious why so many new mothers experience anxiety, depression and a general sense of longing to connect and create community with other women.  


Motherhood is a rite of passage and a transition that often goes unrecognized in our culture. We dutifully prepare for the birth of a baby, ensuring we have all the essentials that the newborn child might need. But what if we paused for a moment to ask what the newborn mother might need to heal, restore vitality, and feel whole and supported in her new role as mother and caretaker? I’ve spent the past couple years researching and training with women who recognize the gaps in care for new mothers during the early postpartum period referred to as the Fourth Trimester. 


My goal is to provide non-judgmental and supportive mother-centered postpartum care that allows for optimal family wellness. Through practical, physical and emotional support during this period, a family can find their footing as they cross the threshold to parenthood.

Credentials & Trainings:

Postpartum Doula Training, Carriage House Birth, Brooklyn, NY
INNATE Postpartum Care & Wellness Training, Innate Traditions, Taos, NM
Certified Lactation Counselor Training, Healthy Children's Project, Center for Breastfeeding
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Thank you Justyna!!!
My postpartum planning session with Justyna was invaluable. Our time together helped me tackle all the important details that had fallen by the waist side. In addition, she identified the best way to set up our home for the baby’s arrival, suggested items to stock in the bathrooms and provided an extensive list of supplies and supplements to have on hand. All of her guidance, coupled with the postpartum ... more sessions, set me up for the absolute best recovery possible. This was my third pregnancy, and first time partnering with a postpartum doula. Mentally and physically my recovery this time around was not only easier, but more rewarding. Justyna took care of me when I could not take care of myself. Her nurturing presence, helping hands and extensive postpartum knowledge were truly amazing. And because of Justyna, I was able to enjoy so many more stress free moments bonding with my baby. And for that, I will be eternally grateful.