Julianna Allen

Provider Type
Postpartum Care, Physical Therapist, Wellness
Where consults are offered
Online, In Person, In Home
Julianna A
Dr. Julianna Allen (she/her) is board certified pelvic floor physical therapist in the greater Boston area. She provides in-home and virtual / online physical therapy and wellness services for people of all genders. She is passionate about helping moms with the full spectrum of pelvic floor dysfunction: urinary leaking, constipation, diastasis rectus abdomins, pelvic pain, pain with intercourse, tailbone pain, pelvic organ prolapse. She offers pregnancy wellness assessments and teaches expecting parents how to strengthen the pelvic floor to reduce urinary incontinence, pelvic floor relaxation and pushing, labor positoning, how to have your first pee and poo without pain, safe exercise during pregnancy, and return to exercise postpartum.  Dr. Allen loves enabling moms to get back to exercise without pain or leaking. She is the owner of Embrace Physical Therapy & Wellness & a founder of The Healthy Pelvis Project. 
Dr. Allen just launched a course called Postpartum Essentials in collaboration with The Healthy Pelvis Project (www.thehealthypelvisproject.com). Our mission is to inclusively help all birthing people to prepare for the physical challenges of early postpartum and heal their pelvic floor and core. The Healthy Pelvis Project was created by two doctors of physical therapy and certified pelvic health specialists. Our goal is to offer legitimate advice and realistic evidence based strategies to help you survive and thrive postpartum. It includes how to survive your first 48 hours and first 6 weeks after birth from a physical standpoint: how to have your first pee and poo with less pain and discomfort, how to lift and feed your baby to reduce back pain and manage with a c-section scar. The course includes how to have pain free sex after baby, how to get your bowels and bladder back on track, manage pain, and strengthen your core.
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