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I love helping moms find the light through the ups and downs of parenthood. Whether you're juggling a job or staying at home, there are so many things competing for our attention it can be hard to stay connected to ourselves and our needs. I'd love to hear what your concerns are and how I may be able to help! Book a free call and I can help guide you to the resources that are the best fit.
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Integrative Wellness RI is owned and operated by Alyssa Knapp, MS, CEP, CTTS. Alyssa has extensively studied health and wellness management, including exercise physiology, human anatomy ... moreand physiology, healthy eating practices, health psychology, mindfulness meditation, Reiki, and other holistic practices.

A physiologist and clinician at heart, Alyssa brings a wealth of evidence-based knowledge in healthy living practices to her clients, solutions to personal barriers, and support to adopt lifestyle habits that result in you looking and feeling like your best self. Alyssa takes a holistic approach in planning individual programs and addresses emotional well-being in addition to physical fitness. With that, she includes Reiki in her practice for optimal balance and promotion of positive energy.
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