Center for Perinatal Wellness

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Support Group, Psychotherapist, Postpartum Care

About Us:

Center for Perinatal Wellness LLC was founded on the principal that when a mother struggles her whole family does also.  We know the importance of a healthy family and are dedicated to assisting you and your family navigate life’s transitions and struggles. Our clinicians are specifically trained in maternal mental health and have a passion for this work. Our practice specializes in the treatment of women undergoing fertility treatments, pregnancy, postpartum and loss/grief.

We provide services for women, families and children. Additionally we offer therapy groups, support groups, medical case consultation and medication management. For individuals not able to travel into the office, we provide HIPAA compliant tele-therapy as a way for all people to access services. Please contact us for more information about our services and how we may help you or someone you love.

Our founder and director, Lauren E. Harris, LMHC, PMH-C  is one of the first in the nation to become certified in perinatal mental health. She also serves as the Western Massachusetts Regional Coordinator for Postpartum Support International.
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I'd only give 3/5 stars and that's due to clinical competence. For the brief time I worked with Lynn she seemed highly educated and was helping me with PPD/PPA combined with a leg fracture/surgery. She seemed to minimize my anxieties and problems but I was trying to get perspective so trusted it wasn't just her being cold at first. Then she no showed a virtual appointment and never tried to reengage ... more me despite me sending a secure message to please call to reschedule. 6 weeks later I voiced my concerns to Lauren and was told I should work my issues out with Lynn and that no other clinicians were available. I'm not seeing a provider that clearly doesn't care so here we are in June with no calls or messages since my contact with Lauren in March. Being a VA employee I cannot access the portal at work as it's restricted, my phone doesn't reply to messages correctly, my patients receive far more case management and would never be allowed to be lost to follow up in such a way. I find this unacceptable and substandard mental health care so do not recommend this practice unless you feel like hounding down a provider that clearly doesn't care