Babywearing Fitness Class with Oh Baby!

Weekly on Tuesday, Thursday
10:00 AM
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Fitness / Yoga Class
All classes are held at 16 Bow St. Somerville, MA. ( across from Bloc 11 Cafe) at Bad to the Barre

Tuesdays and Thursdays at 10 am
Prenatal, Postpartum, or both?:
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Oh Baby! Fitness in Somerville, MA at Bad to the Barre. Offering Babywearing and Postnatal classes that are safe, fun, and effective!... more

Join us:
•Babywearing fitness classes. 
Tues and Thurs@ 10am

• Prenatal fitness class 
Sat@ 10am

We also offer prenatal and postnatal zumba classes. All classes are held at 16 Bow St. Somerville, MA. ( across from Bloc 11 Cafe)

Oh Baby! Prenatal Fitness 

Oh Baby! Prenatal Fitness are safe and effective fitness classes for new and expectant moms. These classes are tailor-made for your changing body at every stage and work areas that tend to get tight during pregnancy. The strength training in OBPF assists in preparation for labor and delivery as well, and a great way to get back in shape after the baby. We play house and gangsta rap music to get you safely moving, groovin’ and sweaty.

Oh Baby! Dance

Why leave your baby at home while you can workout with them?! Oh Baby! Dance is a fun baby wearing dance class designed for new moms (dads too!) and their babies. This mix of hip-hop, latin style moves, and pilates exercises focus on rebuilding strength, increasing flexibility, toning, all while bonding with baby.These classes are intended for non-mobile babies that are 6 weeks-3 months old.

Zumba for the Prenatal/Postnatal Client 

ZUMBA Fitness is a Latin dance based fitness program created by Columbian fitness instructor and choreographer Alberto “Beto” Perez. Unlike traditional aerobics which focuses more on counting reps over the music, ZUMBA Fitness is about moving with the music. This combination of hot Latin rhythms and spicy dance moves is the reason ZUMBA Fitness has become known around the world as the “fitness party”. The routines feature aerobic interval training with a combination of fast and slow rhythms adaptable for expecting women at all stages of their pregnancy.
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Fitness Instructor, Fitness Studio
Weekly on Tuesday, Thursday10:00 AM1 hour
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