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Being in community is vital to our health, and only more so during the childbearing years and during times of great stress. The first half-hour of each class is a time to say hello, ... moreshare questions and resources, and to laugh and cry at the glories and hardships in life. During this time, teachers will facilitate discussions on a variety of pregnancy, birth and parenting topics. While we make it available to join classes after the first 30 min is over, we highly recommend you join us here, in community.

Next, begin a yoga practice of gentle strengthening exercises, stretching, breath and meditation for a time to connect to your changing body and baby and prepare for the powerful experience of childbirth and mothering. Special emphasis is placed on building pelvic floor and core strength to support the body, and on calming meditations.

Open to all levels; modifications for individual fitness level and trimester are provided and no experience is necessary. Taught by highly trained and experienced practitioners.
Event Type:
Fitness / Yoga Class
Where class is offered:
Families with children from birth to 3 years are invited to start your Saturday morning with us at the Florence Gray Center in Newport! A light breakfast will be served followed by ... morearts & crafts, reading, and a special monthly presentation, along with surprises, giveaways, free books & more! Transportation is available! Contact Jennifer Gee, Program Coordinator at 401-533-1160 for more information or to register. Siblings are welcome to attend.

Hours: First Saturday of each month (Sept-May) 9:30 A.M. – 11:30 A.M.
Event Type:
Birthing / Parenting Class, Support Group
Understanding Your Options: Bump to Birth and Beyond  A FREE Virtual Event Saturday, October 3rd – 9 am – 11:30 am EDT Join us for a morning of connection, celebration and giveaways! ... more

Celebrate Midwifery Week

Learn from amazing local resources and businesses that support new families

Covering topics from the importance of choosing the right place, provider, support system for your birth, what the differences are and questions to ask, and knowing your rights along with advocating for yourself and family

Get your questions answered

A chance to win: Boba Wrap – Women & Infants Nursing Store or “Nobody Told Me About That: The First 6 Weeks” book by Ginger Breedlove

Flourish Fund and Women & Infants Hospital have collaborated to offer this virtual event to support and empower expecting families. 

Event Registration & Amazing Giveaway!

Once registered, you will receive an email with a Zoom Webinar link before the event date. 
PLUS, all who attend will be automatically be entered to win our amazing giveaways throughout the day. Come for one talk or stay for all!

Agenda (9 am – 11:30 am)

9 am / Welcome & Introductions
Melissa Bowley – CEO & Founder of Flourish Fund
Elisabeth Howard, Ph.D, CNM, FACNM – Director, Midwifery Department, Women & Infants Hospital

9:15 am / What Are My Options? Place, Providers & Support System 
Ana Sofia DeBrito- MSN, Certified Nurse Midwife

9:30 am / What I Wish I Had Known About My Birth Options - A Mom's Perspective
Shaylene Costa – Chair, Rhode Island Breastfeeding Coalition & Certified Facilitator, Chocolate Milk Café National

9:45 am / What You Need to Know About VBACs
Bridget Ibrahim, Ph.D, Family Nurse Practitioner

10 am / Q&A & Raffle Announcements

10:15 am / Dancing for Birth 
Michelle Chirby – CD (DONA), DFB

10:30 am / Considerations When Choosing Where To Give Birth
Michelle Palmer – Certified Nurse Midwife

10:45 am / Differences Between a Birth and Postpartum Doula
Jodi Congdon – Doula, Childbirth Educator, Certified Lactation Educator

11 am / Advocating for Yourself: Knowing your Choices and Rights
Saraswathi Vedam – RM, MSN, FACNM, Sci D(hc), Associate Professor of Midwifery and Lead Investigator of the Birth Place Lab, at the University of British Columbia

11:20 am / Q&A & Raffle Announcements
Melissa Bowley – CEO & Founder of Flourish Fund

Company is not a healthcare provider and the Website and the Company Services do not constitute the practice of any medical, nursing or other professional healthcare services or the provision of any advice, diagnosis or treatment. These are the opinions of the providers who participate in the event and our company does not recommend of endorse and specific tests, physicians, procedures, opinions or other information that maybe mentioned during this event.
Event Type:
Fitness / Yoga Class, Birthing / Parenting Class, Support Group, Nutrition / Wellness
Where class is offered:
As birth approaches, we tend to know much more about pregnancy and birth, than we do about what happens after our babies are born. Birth is a profound process, but it is also merely ... morea doorway into a new world. What happens to mom’s body in the weeks and months after birth? How do our relationships change? How can we support ourselves and our partners/families through these changes? When and who do we call for help? Spend an afternoon with your birth partner or family to engage in discussion and activities that can help you can make your adjustment into parenthood less stressful and more supportive of the new family. Simple but effective tools can help you know better what to expect, and create an effective support network in the 4-8 weeks after birth. Preparation and support can profoundly impact the mother and baby’s physical healing and adjustment, and the entire family’s emotional well-being during the precious and challenging postpartum time.
Event Type:
Birthing / Parenting Class
Where class is offered:
Bellies and bonding fellowship for first time and seasoned mothers. Come together to form a birth tribe, ask questions, help others and enjoy this birth journey with other expecting ... moremothers in our local community.

Tree of life birth collective offers evidence based information and 10+ birth services to the area. Each class will have a discussion topic and have a birth worker in attendance that specializes in that topic.

This support group is free to the community! Bring a snack and share.

We will be holding meetings every first Wednesday of the month starting at 6 pm at our Graham location, 4 NE Court Square, Graham, NC

We look forward to meeting you and your growing family and be a safe place for you to express your concerns and receive support.
Event Type:
Support Group
Sign up for Online Birthing Mama Prenatal Yoga 4 session series. A conscious way to experience the transformational journey that pregnancy is. Embrace changes and share alongside other ... moremamas virtually. Center and connect to your baby and especially to the mother within. 

This series emphasizes nurturing movements while exploring safe postures for mama & baby. The foundation of this unique prenatal yoga brings in strengthening and stabilizing principles from Birthing Mama® Prenatal & Postnatal Yoga philosophies, Embodyoga & Hatha yoga. A holistic and spiritual approach to pregnancy. 

Online Prenatal Yoga registration is required and 4 session series payment in full to promote attendance. 

Dates below:





6-7pm est 

Location & Contact Details



Online Prenatal Yoga via Zoom

*The zoom link will be emailed 

upon purchase.
Event Type:
Fitness / Yoga Class
Where class is offered:
Our newborn can seem like a tiny, strange creature from another planet. She may not look or act the way we expected, and often seems a random mash-up of confusing wiggles, cries, jerks, ... morestaring, sleeping and suckling episodes. Who is this little person? And what, on earth, are we to do with him? Join other families as we explore these amazing, sweet and strong (if confounding!) little beings. Learn that instead of being made up of random and impossible to understand behaviors, they are actually highly organized and communicative. As we begin to recognize the journey our newborn has made from inside to out and the ways she engages with the world, we discover how to more confidently and effectively respond to her needs. As we learn to respond to his needs, we discover a calmer, more settled baby, and a life that supports parents’ rest and well being, as well as baby’s.
Event Type:
Birthing / Parenting Class
Where class is offered:
Most women are given strong messages about the importance of breastfeeding for her baby’s health. Some expect it to be a natural and easy process that just happens. Others have heard ... moreall kinds of horror stories about the difficulties that can occur. Others feel pressured to try, but uncomfortable and uneasy about the idea of it. Not many of us are told that it is a joint effort between us, our body and our baby, and that like any new skill, it can take time and effort to learn and succeed at.

Join us as we explore the wide range of experiences different mothers can have and how and where to reach out for additional help when it’s needed. Class will provide information on: skin-to-skin after birth, the breast-crawl, establishing breastfeeding, understanding the hormones of bonding, milk production and milk release, nursing positions, and breast health. Resources for support with pumping, latch issues, formula feeding and going back to work with be provided.
Event Type:
Birthing / Parenting Class
Where class is offered:
Traveling to the “land of birth” is like parachuting into an unknown universe. It can be the adventure of a lifetime or can be overwhelming and frightening. Understanding how it all ... moreworks is an important starting point in preparing for a positive, empowering experience. Spend an afternoon or evening with other couples and learn how baby travels from inside to out. Discover the important role of the baby, the mother and the support person. Explore how emotions and thoughts shift and change through the process of birth, and how you can work together with, not against, the natural power of birth.
Event Type:
Birthing / Parenting Class
Where class is offered:
Does squatting really open the pelvis wider than lying down? How on earth is a baby going to fit out of there? Don’t I have to lie on my back while I’m pushing the baby out? How can ... moreI use movement if I’ve had an epidural? What if I want to labor on hands and knees? Come together with other expecting mothers and birth partners to discover answers to these questions and more. Together we will practice movements, postures and breath practices that support the labor and birth process. Learn why breath and movement help us cope with the sensations of birth, and how movement helps the body adapt to birth and the baby finds his/her best way out. Discover how the birth partner’s physical support and hands-on techniques can help the mother throughout labor. And discover the powerful connection that is built between birth partners as they learn to breathe and move together.
Event Type:
Birthing / Parenting Class
Where class is offered: