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Expectant mothers explore the changes their bodies are undergoing, and prepare for the powerful experience of childbirth and mothering. Classes focus on providing physical support ... moreduring pregnancy, and preparing for labor. They incorporate gentle strengthening, stretching, body awareness and breath exercises. Special emphasis is placed on building pelvic floor and core strength to support the body through natural structural changes, and on developing mental focus and calm through breath and meditation practices. Open to all levels; no experience necessary.
Event Type:
Fitness / Yoga Class
Parenthood introduced so many physical and emotional changes in our lives. This class helps to restore balance in your body safely and effectively by introducing various active, passive, ... moreand assisted stretches and exercises. We also address the emotional changes during this special time by integrating mindfulness meditation into each class. 

This class is designed and delivered by Alyssa Knapp, Certified Exercise Physiologist and mother, and recommended for every stage of motherhood (and for partners as well) - from prenatal to postnatal and beyond.

Try your first class for free!
Event Type:
Fitness / Yoga Class, Nutrition / Wellness
Join Jennifer Huntley on a Tuesday at 9:30 a.m. at Pulse Gym and learn to row PROPERLY with one of our best trainers! Babysitting included in our GameOn room inside the gym. info@pulsenewport.com ... moreto make sure we reserve your kids spot for care!
Event Type:
Fitness / Yoga Class
Please join LLL of Newport for our monthly gathering! We will be in the Program Room of the Newport Public Library offering peer to peer breastfeeding, chest feeding, and pumping support. ... moreAll of the Newport La Leche League meetings are open to any pregnant, nursing, or pumping parents, as well as their children and support people. Come with questions or just to hang out!
Event Type:
Birthing / Parenting Class, Support Group
Bring along your sweet little love for a gentle asana practice to ground the body and replenish the soul. Asana with your baby will allow you both to settle into your own energy while ... morefurther deepening the incredible bond between parents and their children. Children learn through example and will be able to sense the calm and ease of their parent during asana. The class is an hour long with 40 minutes of asana and 20 minutes of sharing all aspects of parenthood.
Event Type:
Fitness / Yoga Class
Infants are natural yogis. They naturally move through many of the primary yoga poses in their developmental process from birth through creeping, crawling, sitting, standing and walking. ... moreThey need to do this to develop the natural curves in their spines as well as build strength in their muscles.

In this class mom’s and caregivers will learn baby exercises and yoga poses to strengthen growing muscles, aid in digestion, promote better sleeping patterns and help infants towards their next stage of development – sitting, crawling, standing and walking. You’ll learn exercises for their developmental process and brain development, and important methods for soothing. It’s also a great bonding tool for parents, caregivers.

Potential benefits of baby yoga include:

Build body awareness and strengthen growing muscles

Work towards the next developmental milestones

Poses and exercises to promote better sleeping patterns and aid in digestion

Enjoy tummy time

Stimulate their senses and brain development
Event Type:
Fitness / Yoga Class
Prenatal Yoga weaves together movement, breath awareness, childbirth education & meditation practices to support your pregnancy journey and birth experience. Here, you'll deepen ... morethe connection to your body, mind, growing baby, and a community of women in classes especially crafted for your needs throughout all trimesters.

You can expect to:

Address aches and pains associated with pregnancy

Learn how to modify traditional yoga postures for pregnancy and even later for postpartum

Engage in movement and breath that supports your core/pelvic floor to help prepare for birth

Strengthen and stretch muscles safely, and

Find community amongst other expecting mothers.

No prior yoga experience is necessary. Please bring a towel, water bottle, and a yoga mat. Enrollment in the 6 weeks series is recommended as some components will be built upon each week, however drop ins are welcome. 

Sign up at allthatmatters.com/yoga, or visit any studio location to register. 
Event Type:
Fitness / Yoga Class, Support Group, Nutrition / Wellness
This free postpartum support group is offered to assist new mothers and provide support in the first few weeks of breastfeeding. Moms are encouraged to share their ideas and concerns ... morewith other new mothers. The group is facilitated by a board-certified lactation consultant. This group meets every Thursday in the Noreen Stonor Drexel Birthing Center.
Event Type:
Support Group
Feeling the effects of your changing body? During pregnancy, your heart grows to keep up with all the work your body is putting in, your hormones increase and fluctuate, your bones ... moresoften, and your body puts on weight as your baby grows along with the placenta, fluid and blood.

These changes may be accompanied by fatigue, feeling emotional, lack of sleep, and so much more. In our Prenatal Breathe + Stretch classes, you will learn and practice techniques to create a healthy body and mind as you prepare for the next stage on this journey of motherhood.

Experience meditation while stretching and strengthening to promote optimal emotional balance and physical well-being. Just as, and maybe even more important, these classes are an opportunity to meet other women going through the same things you are.

This class is safe for all stages of pregnancy, all fitness levels, and all with little-to-no experience with meditation.

Feel you could benefit more from a 1-on-1? Private sessions are also available!

I can't wait to meet all of you expecting mothers and to help each of you gain the knowledge and skills to maximize your well-being on multiple levels!
Event Type:
Fitness / Yoga Class, Support Group
Pelvic Wellness Yoga Free Sample Class This is a weekly class beginning June 1st. $10 drop in each week. Free on June 22nd. All ages, All Levels, For Every Body... more
The pelvis is essential for the function of digestion and reproduction, while also protecting the bladder, small & large intestine. Proper lengthening and gentle strengthening of the pelvic region helps to reduce back pain and supports the hip joints.
Event Type:
Fitness / Yoga Class