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Over a 10-year span, Emily has worked in the Boston area as a Prenatal Yoga Teacher, Birth Doula, Reiki Healer, and Intuitive Coach. Her career has included powerful, highly-attended Prenatal Yoga Classes, Mom & Baby Classes, Birth Prep Workshops, Private In-Home Yoga, Fertility Yoga and more. She now resides in Maynard, MA with a larger focus on her Private Yoga practice. Emily finds great fulfillment in working one-on-one with women at any stage of motherhood right in their homes where they’re able to enjoy and model the important benefits of consistent self-care with and to those that matter most to her.

Private In-Home Yoga for Moms (prenatal, postnatal, or far beyond!)

Does weekly yoga sound great, but the getting to class doesn't work for you and your schedule?
Do you recognize the value in consistent self-care and wellness but want someone to help you stay on your path?
Are you looking for a more personalized prenatal or postnatal experience?
Want to keep up with your yoga practice during and after pregnancy, but need something different than a typical group class offers?
Have an aliment that needs specific attention?

I come to you!
I offer private yoga classes in the comfort of your own home. Keep the sessions all to yourself or invite your partner to join.
Your baby or toddler, or whoever needs to be at home is welcome to be present - even if it means it won't be the quietest yoga session ever.  We're going for consistency and committment to self.  Not perfection.  The first step in saying YES to yourself (and therefore, your family) is to book a FREE Discovery Call with me.  I can't wait to meet you!

Service Area: 30-40 minutes from Maynard, including: Acton, Arlington, Berlin, Bolton, Carlisle, Clinton, Concord, Framingham, Harvard, Hudson, Lancaster, Lexington, Lincoln, Littleton, Marlboro, Northboro, Stow, Sudbury, Waltham, Wayland, Westford, Weston, and more.

Birth Experience Design 3-month Coaching Program

Within this package, we will:
  • Explore the origin of your fears and work through them
  • Build a soul-aligned birth plan that reflects your wishes and goals
  • Explore the why behind your choices
  • Create a supportive birth team and environment

You will also receive:
  • Weekly 30-min calls with me for coaching and going deeper
  • Weekly checkins via text and email for accountability and encouragement
  • Personalized prenatal yoga practices and guided meditations created specifically for you
  • Followup emails after each call to clarify themes and action items to integrate for the following week
  • An extended video call with you and your partner to learn valuable hands-on birth support and breathing techniques. It will be like a Birth Team Party!
  • Private access to videos, worksheets and templates on my online platform to support you at each stage
  • Journal prompts to help you dive deeper into your truth
  • A 30-minute Prenatal Yoga video to help you maintain a sense of comfort, strength, and alignment throughout your pregnancy
  • Weekly guided meditations sent to your inbox to help you feel calmer, and remember your own power
  • A set of my beautiful affirmation cards to help realign yourself during pregnancy and labor. Throw them in your purse and use them to remember who you are and what your purpose is!
  • Tips for effectively advocating for yourself in the birth room
  • Guidance on when to leave for the hospital or birth center
  • Valuable tips for creating birth room ambience

Benefits of this Offering:
  • Improved physical and emotional state during pregnancy
  • Decreased fear and anxiety during pregnancy and throughout labor
  • Increased satisfaction with your birth experience
  • Improved mother-baby bonding
  • Healthier postpartum emotional state
  • Improved bonding with your baby
  • Improved physical postpartum recovery
  • Ability to enjoy time with your newborn and your family
  • Decreased costs for mental health or postpartum recovery
  • Less strain on marriage
  • Healthier interactions with your children
  • Better communication
  • Better use of resources and community
  • Happier, healthier family dynamic
  • Improved self-confidence
  • General sense of empowerment
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