Bellani Maternity

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Support Group, Childbirth/Parenting Educator, Lactation Consultant
We are a group of professionals who have spent decades working in birth, postpartum, and child development. We come from hospitals, schools, and private practice to create one special place that has been helping families since 2006.
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This prenatal class offers useful tips and information to get you off to a solid beginning. Have your questions answered and find out the answer to the most commonly asked question, ... more"How do I know my baby is getting enough milk? Learn positions for breastfeeding, latching techniques, as well as ways to care of yourself while breastfeeding. Learn how to establish a solid milk supply or increase it if needed. The best part of the class is personalized instruction as well as a point of contact for future questions. Partners are encouraged to attend. Cost is $75 per couple.
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Birthing / Parenting Class
Birth is a normal and natural process. Our Childbirth class focuses on exploring the option of unmedicated birth. The class help prepare couples for childbirth utilizing a variety ... moreof visualization exercises, breathing, relaxation, massage and additional comfort measures. Stages of labor will be discussed, as well as general information about hospital policies and creating a positive communication with your health care provider. The focus of this class is on natural childbirth, however both analgesic and anesthetic pain relief options will be covered. Preparing for unexpected outcomes will be taught, as well as Cesarean Section information. Please sign up for this class in the fourth or fifth month of pregnancy so that there is ample time for practicing the techniques covered. Upcoming class is April 7th to April 15th 6:00pm - 8:30. Class is $159 per couple.
Event Type:
Birthing / Parenting Class
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