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Newport Community Yoga is a non-profit center for wellness, art and music. The team at NCY is passionate about serving our community by making yoga and mindfulness practices affordable and accessible to all. Our vision is to create an all-inclusive community where individuals are invited to share their passions, practice together, play together, support one another and thrive!
We offer a wide range of classes, workshops and events to nourish self-discovery, transformation, and whole being wellness through union of mind, body and spirit.
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Preregistration required. Save your spot! Being a mom certainly takes a toll on your body. Carrying your baby, usually favoring one side, breast or bottle feeding, looking down at ... moreyour sweet little love all the time, can put some serious strain on your neck and spine! Hormones and ligamentous laxity also add to the stress on new mom’s bodies. Guess what? There are things you can do to reduce your back/neck/whatever pain. Focal topics will include ergonomics around feeding and other parenting tasks as well as training for stability and mobility.

About your instructor: Victor received his Doctor of Physical Therapy from Boston University in 2014 after spending over eight years in the health and fitness industry as a personal trainer and fitness manager. He has also earned the designations of CAFS (Gray Institute), CSCS (NSCA), Performance Enhancement Specialist (NASM), and certifications as a kettlebell and boxing/kickboxing instructor. He believes strongly in the power of an improved physical condition, and works hard to achieve it.
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Fitness / Yoga Class
We all feel better when we make time to move our bodies every day! This unique class for kids and care takers combines yoga and play through yoga animal poses, imagination, partner ... moreposes, song and dance, breathing exercises and yoga story time. Namaste and Play! For ages 2-5 years old and little siblings welcome!
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Fitness / Yoga Class
Bring along your sweet little love for a gentle asana practice to ground the body and replenish the soul. Asana with your baby will allow you both to settle into your own energy while ... morefurther deepening the incredible bond between parents and their children. Children learn through example and will be able to sense the calm and ease of their parent during asana. The class is an hour long with 40 minutes of asana and 20 minutes of sharing all aspects of parenthood.
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Fitness / Yoga Class
Prenatal yoga cultivates a gentle and restorative space for a woman to connect with her breath, growing baby, and other women. This class focuses on the needs of the body to support ... morepregnancy and can also alleviate many of the discomforts of pregnancy such as nausea, swelling, back pain and sciatica. Please have your OBGYN/Birth professional clear you for participation.
Event Type:
Fitness / Yoga Class
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